Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina

Mariposas y Escarabajos de Argentina

Riodinidae de Argentina

Subfamilia - Euselasiinae

Euselasia sp

Photographed at Misiones Prov. Sep 2007


Subfamilia - Riodininae

Tribus - Riodinini

Riodina lycisca lysistratus (Burmeister,1878)

Adulto/Adult - 35mm         Photographed at San-Isidro, B.A. Prov. 


Riodina lysippoides (Berg,1882)

English: Small Dancer - Wings span up to 22mm. Common in central and north Argentina. Was

photographed at San Isidro Natural Reserve, B.A Prov.


Tribus - Emesidini

Zabuella tenella (Burmeister,1878)

Cordoba Prov.


Tribus - Lemoniini

Audre cosquinia (Giacomelli,1928) ?

English: Specimen was photograhped and collected at north Cordoba Prov. ID is not verified yet.



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