Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina

Mariposas y Escarabajos de Argentina

Amigos del Sitio

Amigos del Sitio

Here are the friends in Buenos Aires who offered their help in creating this site.

In the field of Coleoptera Gaston Zubaran offered his collection for photographing and many of the illustrated

spread specimens (Coleoptera) are from his collection.

Fernando and Aldo holds Lepidoptera collections that will be photographed for this site in the future.

All photos are from Dec 2006-Jan 2007.

Nancy Vannucci, Rudi Mattoni, Fernando Penco, Gaston Zubaran, Oz Rittner and Also Aldo Fortino.


Ludmi, Gaston, Rudi and Oz. 


Rudi, Ludmi, Aldo, Gaston, Fernando